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We are committed to providing quality educational programmes to help individual students achieve their personal and professional goals. Our campuses are located in the heart of Greater London, offering wide range of Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels courses.

Fitness Flexibility, help others improve their lifestyle

Love Fitness Education’s London based courses are a great way to develop your skills and realise your full potential. Our flexible and user friendly programmes will allow you to gain valuable skills that can applied to real life roles. To help you achieve your goals in a way that suits your lifestyle and existing commitments, we offer both full time and part time courses for you to choose from.


Health Education North Central and East London (HE NCEL) is responsible training all health professionals in the Capital and ensuring quality education is provided to all doctors, dentists and nurses. To achieve this and to get the very best results the HE NCEL works very closely with key stakeholders to ensure patient needs remain the primary focus for  local healthcare providers. London is renowned for having some of the best training schemes and courses available to the NHS in England and is on plan to ensure that 2014 remains positive.

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If Britain were to replace the pound with the euro it would affect your daily life in lots of ways.

Losing control over the economy could put your job, your pension and your savings at risk. If you have a mortgage or a business of your own they could be at risk too. And giving up control over our taxes and public spending could mean public sevices like transport, schools and hospitals could face cuts.